Are you bullied online? – Chatbot helps young people use the internet more responsibly

ChatMate, the interactive chatbot, features the voice of actor and singer Dávid Miller

Today, the internet and smartphones are an integral part of young people’s lives, but excessive online presence and the lack of awareness may pose a constant risk. The 13 to 18 age group is especially difficult to reach with programs aiming to raise awareness. During the Digital Week between 27 and 31 March, ProSuli is launching a new online solution to address young people’s habits. ChatMate offers an interactive way to learn about online bullying, digital footprint and digital well-being with the involvement of actor and singer Dávid Miller.

The internet and mobile technology offer many advantages, but their responsible use seems to be increasingly challenging for young people, while participation in educational programs on these topics, even in schools, is not always attractive for them. In many cases, this is a cause of concern and a major challenge for parents and teachers. Yettel’s digital education program ProSuli has developed a new solution to respond to this challenge. ChatMate is a playful online service that guides young people through a dialogue, while educating them on how to deal with a given online threat. Upon its launch in March, it will support young people on three timely and important issues including online bullying, digital footprint and digital well-being in an enjoyable and relatable way.

Online bullying is a phenomenon encountered by more and more people, especially in the online space. The chatbot will help young people learn how to recognise online bullying, what to do to prevent and address it, and how to help others in such situations.
Digital footprint includes all the information you leave about yourself in the digital space. It is important for young people to be aware of the traces their online activities leave behind and how they can be useful or harmful for their future.
Digital wellbeing focuses on the positive effects of using the digital world and encourages young people to build a healthy and positive relationship with the online world, including both the quality and quantity of the time they spend online.

The chatbot can communicate with users both in written and voice messages. ChatMate speaks in the voice of well-known actor-singer Dávid Miller who is already highly popular with ChatMate's target audience through his work and media presence.

Available on, Messenger, Instagram and Telegram, ChatMate gives young people the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of online safety and digital well-being through case studies and with active assistance. To create a truly unique solution that appeals to the targeted age group, the chatbot service has been finalised with the involvement of experts and teachers and the use of artificial intelligence.

The ChatMate chatbot is available at the link below: