5 useful tips: how to keep your mobile phone safe in the summer

Summer is a time to relax after the past busy months, to hit the beaches, festivals or head to the seaside. Either way, one thing is for sure: you don’t leave your mobile phone at home. The risk of handset breakdowns and accidents can increase when you’re travelling or relaxing. Yettel has put together 5 tips to keep your device safe in the summer, because it’s just as important to look after your handset as it is to look after yourself.

Water is an essential element for life – but not for your mobile phone

Although there are many waterproof handsets available on the market, their waterproofness may decline over time and many consumers don’t have a waterproof mobile phone after all. If you are not careful enough, water can easily get inside your phone through the gaps of the casing and the connectors. This can cause a short circuit or rusting, which can even destroy the handset completely. To avoid this, always keep your gadgets in a closed space, e.g. in a waterproof case on the beach. Your pocket won’t do in heavy rains, as your phone can get soaked easily.  And you should also try to protect your mobile phone against humidity.

Once damage is done, turn off your phone as soon as possible, wipe it with a dry cloth, remove any moving parts and let it dry. But the best is to take your handset to a reliable repair shop as soon as possible if you can. Mind you, it’s better to be cautious about devices advertised as waterproof. Never dive into the water with your phone in hand. If there’s no way you can give up taking Instaphotos in the water, you should use a waterproof case.

Too much sun can be harmful not only for you

Surfing the web while sunbathing may seem like a good pastime, but we tend to forget that too much and strong sunlight is not only bad for us, but also for our phones. The phone’s internal components, and even the liquid crystal displays, are sensitive to extreme temperatures, which can cause permanent damage to the handset, such as data loss, slowdowns or the battery cracking. Don’t leave your mobile phone in direct sunlight (the area under the glass of the display is practically a greenhouse capturing heat), or in a car that gets hot very easily in the summer heat. If this happens, switch your phone off immediately, remove the battery, if possible, take it to a shady place and wait for it to cool down to normal temperature. Never rush the cooling process, don’t put your handset in the fridge, because the fast cooling of components with different thermal expansion properties can also cause trouble. Safe operation is usually guaranteed by vendors between 0 and +35 degrees Celsius.

What if your phone lands on the ground?

You don’t have to be clumsy to drop your phone now and then. Even if you do your best, accidents can happen, especially when you use your phone not in line with your daily routine during a vacation or when the heat makes it even harder for you to concentrate. Not to mention the festival season and other outdoor activities that attract both people and accidents. It’s worth getting a high-quality shockproof film and case for your mobile phone so that you can enjoy outdoor concerts and hiking without worries.

Pickpockets don’t go on a summer vacation

Summer events and the tourist season tend to have an increased risk of theft. Pickpockets take advantage of crowded places. Do not put valuables in the outside of your backpack or in the back pockets of your trousers. When you’re at a club, beach, café or fast-food restaurant, don’t leave your phone on the table for a second, because a moment’s inattention can get you into trouble. It’s a common trick for pickpockets to distract unsuspecting tourists and lift the mobile phone lying on the table while covering it with a leaflet or map in their hand.

It’s worth installing a phone locator app on your phone, so that you can always identify the current location of your handset and block it. If it does fall into the wrong hands, call the operator and the police immediately. If the thief has been able to gain access to the phone, they can easily get your data and make calls, which is why it’s important to suspend services immediately and block the handset.

It also makes sense to take out insurance for your handset from your operator upon purchase or later. Yettel’s handset insurance may cover not only theft but also accidental mechanical damage, breakage, spillage, vandalism, internal defects or even moisture depending on the insurance plan selected.  You can also take out insurance for specific types of used handsets if they are free from defect at the time when the contract is concluded. All this is available free in the first month.

Unlimited freedom

It is just natural that you want to capture the memorable moments of your summer for next generations. Instastories and Facebook posts are buzzing, but other useful features also make a mobile phone an essential companion while on the road (e.g., online navigation, map, pedometer, information on local points of interest and restaurants). Unlimited data is even more useful at this time of the year, so that customers don’t need to worry about running out of internet. Yettel Prime tariffs include unlimited domestic data to make your domestic holidays carefree. And if you want to hit the summer with a new handset, you can select from several attractive offers with an upfront payment of HUF 0.

More information: yettel.hu/keszulekbiztositas and yettel.hu/prime-tarifa