3 tips to make your long autumn weekend more exciting

“Workation” is good solution if you’re running out of days off but could use a break
Although the shortening days and the yellowing leaves are a clear sign that it’s time to put on your thicker coats and pack away your flippers, you don’t no need to say goodbye to having fun. Autumn is still full of activities to do and exciting places to explore – and you don’t even have to cross the border to get there. Whether you’re looking for a day trip, a long weekend away or quiet home office in a tranquil cottage, Yettel has something for everyone to enjoy over the long weekend at the end of October or the autumn school holidays.

Castle tours – not just for school groups

Everyone is familiar with the castles of Buda or Eger, but there are many other lesser-known castles and palaces in the country. Visiting a castle and hiking around it can be a great way to relax with friends and family. The English Garden at Festetics Castle in Dég is beautiful in autumn, and you can also visit the Hollandi House, which was rebuilt a few years ago. Or you can go hiking and visit the castles of Füzér, Somoskő or Sümeg in picturesque surroundings. And if you are staying in Budapest, the Kiscelli Castle and Park Forest or the rightly famous Grassalkovich Castle in Gödöllő are great weekend destinations.

Explore our cities

If you’re looking to unwind before the Christmas rush, a city break is the ideal way to do it, and you don’t necessarily have to go abroad. It can be an exciting new perspective to visit an undiscovered big city if you live in the countryside, or explore a small town if you live in a big city.

Our major cities offer a wealth of exciting sights, activities and food experiences in autumn. For those who love markets, fairs and culinary experiences, there are autumn gourmet festival, such as the Csaba Sausage Festival which lasts for several days, or the Liliomkert Market in Káptalantóti, which does not close at the end of the summer season if you want to relax near Lake Balaton. Families may be interested in the pumpkin festivals and pumpkin carving programs held in several towns at the end of October.

For those living in the countryside, discovering or rediscovering Budapest can be an exciting program. There are fewer tourists in the city at this time of year while there are an endless amount of activities on offer. A visit to the baths is a good idea, and if the weather is good, the funicular or the children’s railway are also a good option. As for museums and exhibitions, the World Press Photo exhibition is open until early November, and the Light Art Museum opened a new exhibition in September. The Budapest Zoo offers discounted admission for senior citizens until 30 November, which, combined with the playground and a chimney cake in the City Park, can be an exciting experience for the whole family.

It’s time for workation

As the year draws to a close, not everyone has a lot of days off, or is saving them for an extended Christmas break. For those who can do their work online, a great alternative is workation, which is a combination of the words and activities “work” and “vacation”. This new way of travelling can also be a solution for those who want to be inspired in a new environment. The increasing popularity of home office and advances in technology offer a great opportunity to combine domestic travel and work for short periods.

Yettel’s recently renewed OtthonNet tariff also offers easy access to the internet during this period. You can take the home internet available on the operator’s stable and reliable network with you anywhere in the country for 10-days subject to certain conditions. You can even work from a holiday home with the easy-to-install router by activating the Anywhere Mode (Bárhol Mód) feature. You can use this option once free of charge within 30 days. The OtthonNet tariff is now available for HUF 0 per month for 3 months, even with Yettel TV, which you can also take with you anywhere in the country.

For those who want to get away from the city and enjoy a workation, a small forest cottage in and around the Danube bend or a renovated farmhouse in the Őrség region can be ideal, but holiday homes in popular resorts are also more affordable after the high season. Whichever location you choose for your home office retreat, it’s important to check with your landlord about their mobile network coverage in advance to avoid unpleasant situations such as being unable to log in for an important online meeting.

More information: yettel.hu/otthonnet