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Constant development and lifelong learning are priorities for Yettel Hungary. This is how you can make the most of your potentials and make a difference for each other and for our customers. We have colleagues ready to leave their comfort zone and face the challenges arising at work. We believe that every task and project can teach you something new to broaden your horizon. Our training programs aim to provide colleagues with individual and group development and empower them to achieve the professional successes they’ve always desired.

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At Yettel, People First is not just an empty slogan but the true expression of our people-centric culture. It is also the first pillar of our business strategy focused on the personal fulfilment and development of our colleagues. This commitment translates into a 40-hour-a-year challenge and aims to ensure that every member of our staff receives at least 40 hours of training every year.


Organized every year since 2018, Learning Day is one of the most important events of our growth culture. It is a dedicated work-free day focused on professional growth and learning. Colleagues can learn from each other and external speakers through inspiring motivational presentations on various subjects. 


Our Talent Program featuring new and exciting content is held every year to help colleagues make the most of their talents. We want to support both experts and leaders through joint learning, coaching, mentoring and talent development. 


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 Flexible working

We work from home on Mondays and Fridays to ensure flexible working. The rest of the day, we have the natural and innovative Yettel House, and in summer, the Garden office.

 Welfare support

Colleagues working at the HQ are provided with collective life, accident and health insurance and other welfare benefits. You can even involve your family members in your health insurance scheme.

 Continuous development

Learning and personal growth are key priorities for us. Our annual Learning Day event was established to inspire colleagues and help them grow. Our 40-hour challenge encourages colleagues to spend at least this amount of time with acquiring new skills every year.

 Telco know how

You can keep up with the latest telecommunications and digital industry trends at Yettel. Our upcoming campaigns and services are always presented in-house first.  

 Company phone

All colleagues can select a smartphone for themselves up to a specific value limit combined with unlimited internet and company fleet membership. You can also  include your family members in our family tariff group.


In addition to your monthly salary, you’ll get a performance bonus and SZÉP card benefits. Starting from 2022, you can even spend your cafeteria balance on a bike. 

Yettel HQ

Our HQ in Törökbálint is one of the most state-of-the-art office buildings in Hungary featuring a panorama terrace, an outdoor sports field, a gym and sauna.

 Garden office

Our garden office is open to any colleague. Whether you want to have a cup of coffee, hold a mentoring session or a formal meeting, the Yettel Garden Office offers a perfect site. 

Dog days

Your dog will be welcome to join you in the Yettel House every Thursday.

 Company events

Barbecue in the garden, football cup, family day, mulled wine and ice skating with the team. You will surely enjoy the best Yettel community experience with us.   

 Employee assistance program

You can count on us. As part of our program, colleagues can ask for expert help to address their legal, healthcare, financial, mental or even private life challenges.


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Use the Yettel bus to commute to the HQ in Törökbálint

We provide a company bus service for colleagues from several locations in Budapest. Buses bring them quickly and without any transfers to the HQ. The bus ride takes only 20 to 35 minutes (depending on the place of departure). You often travel that much or even more if you work in the city centre. With us, you can spend this time with your colleagues on the Yettel bus.

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