SIM card with 5GB of internet and 50 minutes domestic voice airtime within Hungary

From the morning of Friday, 4 March 2022, more than 40,000 prepaid SIM cards will be provided to refugees fleeing Ukraine. The SIM cards will come topped-up with the following:

  • Unlimited data from activation until the end of next day
  • 5 GB internet in Hungary for free (for usage within 30 days)
  • 50 min domestic voice call in Hungary for free (for usage within 30 days)
  • 100 minutes of free international calls from Hungary to Ukraine (for usage within 30 days, 152 HUF/minute after the limit is used)
  • Free of charge roaming services in Ukraine/if returning to Ukraine (until withdrawal)
  • Roaming is available in European countries for the fees presented in the general terms and conditions

Until supply cards can be taken over with Ukrainian identity documents.
Card validity without top up: 180 days.
The card can be top upped with the following amounts in our shops, online ( or at ATM machines: 1500 / 3000/ 5000/ 10000/ 15000 HUF
The services are available until withdrawal. You will be notified via text message.
Our phone helpdesk: 1220 (call center is available in Hungarian and English)

Our colleagues will be available to answer questions about activation and provide additional information at the registration points set up at BOK Stadium during business days, as well as at our following Yettel stores during opening hours:

  • Yettel Békéscsaba Csaba Center
  • Yettel Budaörs Auchan
  • Yettel Budapest Allee
  • Yettel Budapest Aréna Pláza
  • Yettel Budapest Astoria
  • Yettel Budapest Corvin Pláza
  • Yettel Budapest Etele Pláza
  • Yettel Budapest Mammut
  • Yettel Budapest MOM Park
  • Yettel Budapest WestEnd Aluljáró szint
  • Yettel Budapest WestEnd Emeleti szint
  • Yettel Debrecen
  • Yettel Eger
  • Yettel Győr Árkád
  • Yettel Győr Pláza
  • Yettel Kaposvár
  • Yettel Kaposvár Tesco
  • Yettel Kecskemét Auchan
  • Yettel Kecskemét Malom Központ
  • Yettel Miskolc Pláza
  • Yettel Nyíregyháza Korzó
  • Yettel Pécs Árkád
  • Yettel Pécs Tesco
  • Yettel Salgótarján
  • Yettel Szeged Árkád
  • Yettel Szeged Tesco
  • Yettel Székesfehérvár Alba Pláza
  • Yettel Székesfehérvár Auchan
  • Yettel Szekszárd
  • Yettel Szolnok Pelikán Bevásárlóközpont
  • Yettel Szombathely
  • Yettel Tatabánya Tesco
  • Yettel Tatabánya Vértes Center

Crediting of roaming and international calls

We will continue to credit our customers roaming in Ukraine for their text message, voice call and data usage, as well as the fees for international calls made from our Hungarian network to Ukrainian numbers. Further information about the crediting process is available at: waiver request

Mobile phones available for use and internet access

We are also making 1,300 mobile phones available to those in need. SIM cards and phones will be provided, while supplies last, for use by those carrying Ukrainian personal documents at our Yettel stores listed above during opening hours.
In cooperation with the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), additional telecommunications devices and services will also be made available during the crisis: the HRCA has provided 10 phones with unlimited voice and mobile internet access. Intended to serve as mobile “phone booths,” their use is coordinated by the relief organisation. We have installed 4 high-capacity, easy-to-mobilise WiFi routers that users can connect to free of charge. Their availability may vary subject to coordination by the relief organisation, which will stage the routers in locations with the greatest need.